Nourish Women's Community

Nourish is: a community where the table is a safe zone. Where women of all walks of life feel seen, heard, loved and accepted.

We meet monthly for dinners at various locations around the city of Charlotte. Our tables are places for believers and non believers alike, where no topic, emotion or struggle is off limits. We believe there is real value in spending time together face to face on a regular basis and not simply through social media alone.


1. What is Nourish?
Simply put, Nourish is a community of women who meet once a month around a dinner table to share food, conversation and life. We believe that it is in a low pressure environment like this that true authenticity and friendship can happen. 

2. Who is Nourish for?
ALL women! It doesn't matter your age, your occupation, marital status, or if you have children. It doesn't matter if you are a follower of Christ or not, if you attend church or not. This is FOR YOU.

3. What if I want to come but I don't know anyone?
Bring a friend! (Just check with your hostess first to be sure there is room!) But if that won't work, come anyway. Sure you may experience some nerves and a few awkward moments but we want you to be brave, step outside of your comfort zone and be vulnerable. This is how true community flourishes!

4. What if I think I want to host, but am not sure what I will need to do?
Awesome! We are always grateful for those of you who are willing to open your homes. We have hostess information meetings where a lot of your questions will be answered, and are always accessible via email. But mostly, all that's required of you is a willingness to open your home and welcome people in.

5. When are the monthly dinner parties held?
The third weekend of every month. It is up to the hostess to choose the Friday or Saturday of that weekend.

6. Will Nourish ever do anything other than the monthly dinners?
Yes, stay tuned! We do have some exciting ideas in the works for the future.

Come, join us!

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