Friday, February 1, 2013


Logan turned 12 on January 1st...he was out of state, and then we were out of town, and then there was a big bad snowstorm here (haaaa) and then finally, last night, we got to celebrate with family.

12 reasons why I love my firstborn: (in no particular order!)

12.  He has a really good heart.  He loves kids and animals, and that's always a good trait to have.

11.  He has an independent spirit - This kid wants to do it himself, by himself and has for years.  While this might get him into trouble a few times during school group projects (heh), over the years it has translated into him being a HUGE help at home because he learns to do things by himself.

10.  He is musical - he won't admit it, but he's got musical ability.  I hope someday he learns to channel it into an instrument or voice.

9.  Logan is a great big brother - Seriously, 10 years between the 2 of them, but he plays with Beckett and keeps him entertained for me.  He can tell when I'm at my wits end and often swoops in to help out, without being asked.

8.  He is trustworthy - He does what he's asked (even if it takes a few times!)  I think he's one of the more responsible 12 year olds I know.

7.  He's also smart - He's always been ahead in his classes and on the honor roll, generally without trying hard.  He's gifted academically and I hope he continues to use it!

6.   Logan is the random facts king.  He brings up the most random facts all the time - because he is always learning and reading and researching.

5.   He is compassionate - He doesn't like hurting people's feelings or seeing people upset.

4.   He's got a killer smile.  With a little dimple or two if he's really, genuinely smiling.

3.   He is an individual - Logan is not afraid to be different.  He hasn't given in to peer pressure to change who he is to be popular or like anyone else.  He knows what he likes, and he likes it without apology.

2.  Logan is a collector - I prefer this term over hoarder.  Ahem.

1.  And he's a communicator - Logan can TALK.  He is a very detailed communicator and I know this will come in handy in his life.

I can't believe he's 12 - I always think of him like this:

That little guy is growing up way, way too fast.

Happy Twelve, Logan.  I love you!

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